Calling all Torchbearers to the floor!

I am so thankful that you have registered for Boulé 2021 in Washington D.C. This year’s conference theme is A Proud Family, stemming from the hit T.V. show Proud Family. We are one proud family, and there is no other function like a Z-A-D function! This conference will include a lot of scenic spaces where we will take a lot of photos for our brand new website, so be dressed in your favorite outfits for this occasion! While there we will tend to business needs, the fraternity at-large plans to make ample amount of time for social activities and sight-seeing.

I would also like to encourage you all to donate whatever you can afford toward our Each One Must Reach One (E.O.M.R.O.) fundraiser with a goal of $1,000.00 — and we’re almost half-way! Please keep sharing the flyer.

I leave you with a snippet of the lyrics from the Proud Family theme song:

I know that I can always be myself / Around you more than anybody else

With that, just know, because you have a brother, you will always have a friend!

See you all at Boulé 2021!