Fundraising is an essential part of donating to charity. Charitable organizations rely on donations to fund their programs and initiatives, and without adequate funding, they may struggle to achieve their goals. Fundraising allows the Torchbearers of Zeta Alpha Delta Fraternity, Inc. to better work with charitable organizations and make a more significant impact than we could alone. By raising funds, we can help support causes that are important to us, such as hunger awareness, domestic violence prevention and awareness, and HIV/AIDS research and prevention efforts.

Moreover, fundraising can also raise awareness for important issues and encourage others to get involved. It provides an opportunity for individuals to learn about a cause and become passionate about it, leading to more long-term support. Fundraising events can also be a fun and social way to support a charity, bringing people together for a shared purpose!

Larry Carpenter, B.S.

National Treasurer (2022-2024)